Dos and don’ts

Treat your tank well, and it'll work problem free for years. Here's some tips to keep your plant in good working order. 

1. don't overload them; spread your washing out through the week, and use non-biological liquids where possible

2. Don't put any hazardous waste into them; paint, medicines, oils, weed killers, nappies or sanitary products etc

3. Do not put any fat or food waste into your tank

4. Try to use septic tank safe products in your tank, like Ecover. These products won't kill the bactiera in your septic tank

5. If you do lots of washing, think about installing a septic soakaway to prevent overloading the septic tank

6. Make sure rain water isn't being diverted through the septic tank

7. Make sure your tank is emptied at least every 12 months to remove the sludge and extend the life of your system 


my tank is ready for an empty