Swans covered in cooking oil act as a warning to the catering industry

3rd March 2009

The recent news that 25 swans have been found covered in cooking oil in Worcester should act as a warning to pubs, restaurants and catering establishments that they need to work with experts to ensure their grease manbagement systems are effective.

David Birkett, Managing Director of Serious which specialises in installing and maintaining sewage and wastewaster systems. He is a passionate crusader for better environmental standards in the waste industry and Serious is a corporate member of both the Warwickshire and Staffordshire Wildlife Trusts. 

David stressed that such environmental incidents are avoidable if the correctr grease management system is put in place but cautioned that it is wildlife that suffers when careless kitchen habits are practised. 


"These sorts of incidents are the direct result of kitchen grease and are easily avoided" he said. "We work with companies such as pubs and restaurants all over the country to make sure that they don't fall foul of the stringent Environment Agency laws and that they have an effective grease management system in place."

The swans were found in distress on the river banks in Worcester and were collected by the local Swan Rescue organisation.


"These swans nearly died because someone had thoughtlessly tipped vegetable oil down the sink", David said. "It is likely to have been a catering company or restaurant but there is no excuse for not having an efficient grease management system in their kitchen."


Serious install and maintain a range of grease control equipment, contact us for more infomation. 

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