Serious comes to the aid of Arlecdon residents

29th July 2013

Serious is offering the residents of Arlecdon free fat traps to help them avoid a repeat of last week’s blocked drains that led to raw sewage flowing into local streets.

Serious came up with the offer when they read of the horrifying scenes in the area when solidified cooking fat, nappies, baby wipes, sanitary towels and cotton buds had blocked the village’s main sewer.

David Birkett, managing director of Serious said: “We really felt for the people of Arlecdon. People don’t realise that fats, oils and grease contribute to three quarters of all drains and sewer blockages, costing  thousands of pounds in drainage emergency call outs.

David said: “We get call outs all the time because people and businesses have found they’ve got blocked drains after putting fat down the plughole. We have some cardboard box traps that are so simple but can save thousands of pounds when it goes wrong and we thought it would help residents to feel more reassured as well as helping to get the message out that putting fats down the sink can be disastrous.”


Interested homeowners can pick up a free fat trap from the offices of Copeland Homes at The Copeland Centre, Catherine Street, Whitehaven, CA28 7SJ from Monday 5th August.

“It will be first come, first serve, obviously,” David added. “But we should be able to help several hundred households make sure they’re not the ones causing problems to their neighbours in the future.”

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