Serious backs “The Archers” campaign to fight pollution

18th February 2009

Serious believes that a storyline in the Radio 4 programme "The Archers" highlighting pollution in watercourse should servce as a warning to local landowners. 

Listeners to the Radio 4 programme are being told that a badly crumbled pipe from Tony and Pat Archer's farm has caused pollution into a nearby stream. 

Following a worrying visit from the Environment Agency, the family are now wondering whether to replace the pipe or look at more environmentally friendly method such as reed beds. 

David Birkett, Managing Director said: "there are hundreds of pipes all over the country that have been there for years. The only time anyone knows there is a problem is when pollution has been caused and by then it's too late. It's great when the nitty gritty subject of drains is addressed in a programme as high profile as The Archers, the landowners should regularly check their pipes to make sure they are working correctly, or else they too could be receiving a visit from the Environment Agency and with a first offence fine of up to £20,00, its not likely to be a story with a happy ending."

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