Rush to save pubs Christmas celebrations

1st January 2005

David Birkett abandoned his family and presents on Christmas morning to help out a Lichfield pub whose pipes had backed up with sewage.

Not wanting to call in any of the drivers on Christmas day, David jumped into a tanker and headed over to the Fradley Arms to see what could be done. "I'd just welcomed my mother who'd driven from Yorkshire to join us to open our presents with the family when I got the call, " said David. " I couldn't bear to think of all those people not able to have their Christmas lunch so there was nothing else I could do.

"We emptied & cleaned the pumpwell, the pumps & associated pipework so that all was functional; short of alarms going off initially, which heralded our being called out, no-one knew we were there.  I returned again the following morning to check everything was still functional.

We're a family business and we take our responsibilities very 'seriously'! " he added.

The landlord of the Fradley Arms, Linda Johnson said: " We couldn't believe it when serious** said they'd be round straight away despite the fact it was Christmas morning. We were able to carry on to give our customers the Christmas lunch they were all hoping for.
"It saved our bacon...well, the turkey actually!"

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