Toilet triumph!

29th September 2014

Enthusiastic feedback has been received from visitors to the toilets at this years Kendal Calling festival.

The event attracted 18,000 people and Serious dealt with over 52,000 gallons of sewage and waste water over the long weekend, despite pouring rain and mud.

David Birkett, of Serious said "festivals are notorious for dreadful toilets with blockages, smells and long queues, especially when the weather is wet. We've developed an expertise working with large events and we're delighted to say, everything went really smoothly again this year".

Jim Gee, Site Manager of Kendal Calling added "we're really pleased with the toilets again and we are now able to evaluate the feedback from visitors and it's really good. It's great to be able to rely on Serious for their professionalism and know that our visitors enjoyed every element of their outdoor experience at the festival - including the loos!".

The event required careful coordination and planning, taking every precaution necessary to ensure the local environment was protected.

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