Serious boss invests in anaerobic digestion business

25th April 2014

Serious chairman David Birkett has invested in a specialist anaerobic digestion (AD) business, Evergreen Gas, based in Ludlow, Shropshire.

David, alongside three other investors from the biomass and engineering industries, has joined forces to strengthen Evergreen Gas, opening up additional avenues for all companies involved.

Founder of Evergreen Gas, Michael Chesshire is hailed as being one of the leaders of AD technology & development within the UK. With a 1st class degree in engineering from the University of Cambridge, he has spent much of his career focussed on the benefits of AD to farming and agricultural businesses. Evergreen Gas plants have been specifically designed for use on farms, producing biogas typically from slurries, silage and maize.

David said “This is an exciting time for both Serious and Evergreen Gas. They share a synergy and strategic fit which will mean stronger businesses and more opportunities all round. The AD products made by Evergreen Gas really sell themselves; they’re expertly designed, engineered, robust and safe. The team at Evergreen Gas are committed to providing the highest levels of service in the industry which sits perfectly with my approach to building and running Serious.”

The managing director of Serious, Peter Jarema, will become managing director of Evergreen Gas. Peter, who will split his time between the two companies, said “I feel very privileged to be able to lead both companies, and their teams into the next phase of their development. Both the anaerobic digestion, and waste management sectors have significant opportunities on the horizon, and having the two companies operating alongside each other is going to enable both businesses to become highly responsive to future customer requirements.”

AD is contributing to government targets on deriving electricity from renewable energy (currently 15% by 2020), also capturing the biogas which would otherwise escape into the atmosphere from open topped slurry tanks, so reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses into the environment. Additionally, the processed slurry, known as digestate, remains its main agricultural benefit as a natural substitute to manufactured fertilisers.

For more infomation, contact Serious or Evergreeen Gas

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