8th August 2013

Serious is warning Staffordshire residents not to put fat down the sink following the discovery of a 15 tonne fat ball that was found this week in a London sewer.

We're concerned about the increasing number of incidents where flooding is resulting from blocked drains and sewers and warns that Staffordshire could be next. There have been recent incidents in Alrlecdon in Cumbria and London where houses have been flooded with raw sewage caused by solidified cooking fat, nappies, baby wipes, sanitary towels and cotton buds.

David Birkett, managing director of Serious said: “People don’t realise that fats, oils and grease contribute to three quarters of all drain and sewer blockages, costing  thousands of pounds in drainage emergency call outs. We know that Staffordshire is equally at risk and that fat is one of the prime reasons drains get blocked up.”

David said: “We get call outs all the time because people and businesses have found they’ve got blocked drains after putting fat down the plughole."

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