Case Study: Pascal at the Old Vicarage

24th October 2014

A crackdown by Severn Trent Water prompted local Branston restaurant, The Old Vicarage, to install a waste system that will keep it on the right side of the law, protecting the owners from potential environmental fines.

e visit was part of a major campaign by Severn Trent to keep Staffordshire’s drains clear of blockages. Grease going into drains has become a major environmental concern all over the country as the fat content causes blockages that result in flooding.

Only last year, a 15 tonne grease ball- the size of a double decker bus- was found in London sewers. Pascal Arnoux, the owner of the Old Vicarage, said: “It was worrying when Severn Trent visited all of us in this area. They told us that we would have to have a separate system to make sure that grease didn’t go down the drain or risk being prosecuted but we were lucky to work with the waste professionals in the area, Serious, who came up with a solution that makes sure we won’t fall foul of the law in the future.”

“We’ve been flooded on a couple of occasions in the past,” Pascal said, “and it isn’t funny. It’s the worst thing that can happen to a popular restaurant like ours and somehow, it always happens at weekends, when we’re at our busiest. We wanted to make sure it would never happen again.”

“We went in and did a survey for the Old Vicarage and advised them that the best system for them would be a GreaseShield. It’s a brilliant system that takes all the worry out of running a busy kitchen.”Pascall added: “Serious were wonderful. They came in, did a thorough survey and then installed the Grease Shield system with the minimum of fuss. It’s very clever, it separates grease from food and water easily and we can see what goes down the drain. We couldn’t be more delighted.”

“We’re working with restaurants and cafes all over the area to make sure they, too, are protected from prosecution because Severn Trent are operating a real crack down on food outlets that allow grease to go down the sink. Being worried about breaking the law is something that busy kitchens can really do without.”

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